Twenty years after Hanshi was founded, we continue to grow every day, ceaselessly expanding our business and adapting to new developments in China's thriving economy.

Growing with Shanghai,

and always looking to the future.

Twenty years ago, Hanshi's first project was officially established in Shanghai. Like many private enterprises at the time, we saw Shanghai as a vast market filled with opportunity and the potential for development. Where we differed from other private enterprises, however, was in understanding the importance of company culture for the long-term growth of an enterprise; it is our philosophy of honesty, hard-work, and professionalism that has been key to our growth.

Today, China's thriving economy has, without doubt, benefited to a large extent from the development of real estate. Not only has Hanshi contributed to improving Shanghai's level of residential housing, we have also made an investment in the Chinese market - not just in terms of selling products, but also by devoting ourselves to the design, development, and construction of quality, cost-effective properties.

We continue to grow each and every day. In the past, Hanshi focused soley on real estate projects, constructing countless high-quality properties. Today, the company is moving towards the next stage of development by pursuing vertical integration away from solely specialising in real estate. We have already finished construction, and began operation of, a health resort in Qingpu. By forming a close relationship between real estate and preventative medicine, Hanshi expects to become a leader in the combined real estate and medical field, and create a completely new holiday experience for its clients. By ceaselessly expanding its business, we expect to continue to grow and diversify in tandem with China's economy.