Today China's economy is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and Hanshi’s vigorous expansion is in tandem with the growth of the nation. It is an exciting time to be in our industry.

220+ employees

Our People are the Foundation on which

Our Growth has been Based.

Resoluteness, honoring promises, and bravely taking on responsibility...this is our team. As a privately held enterprise, we recognized the importance of eliminating all family connections related to the operation of our business, and although this may have been difficult at the time, it was also necessary. We are intensely aware of the need to maintain company transparency, to create a just and fair environment for employees, and seek out fresh talent to maintain company competitiveness.

We respect our employees, and place great emphasis on providing employment in our company as an opportunity for individual growth. Over 20 years, the company has grown with its employees, and we believe in the progression of our company through the development of employees themselves; this is the most basic foundation upon which our growth has been based.