Today China's economy is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and Hanshi’s vigorous expansion is in tandem with the growth of the nation. It is an exciting time to be in our industry.

Hanshi is a Privately Held

Real Estate Development Firm

Hanshi Investment is a company combining resources accumulated through years of real estate development. As demand for our development expertise has steadily grown, we recognised the need to create a parent company that would allow direct investment. From these origins our parent company, Hanshi Investment, was officially established in 2004. In an effort to employ only the most seasoned and competent management, we eliminated all family connections related to our business. As a result, Hanshi is now one of Shanghai’s oldest and most well known real estate development companies.

Going back to the very beginning, construction of the company's very first residential project, Liancheng Gardens, was completed in early 1994. This was followed by a series of projects, including Haowang Gardens, Kongjiang Grove, Dongbo Court, and Jinqiao Villas, all of which won numerous awards and were widely considered models for Shanghai’s burgeoning real estate industry. Hanshi has won widepsread acclaim by ceaselessly expanding, constant management improvement by redefining efficiency, and producing only high quality and cost-efficient products. From initial registration to design, from foundations to the skyscrapers built above them, Hanshi's team employs their vast experience to continually bring high-quality, cost-efficient residences for the consumer.

Hanshi currently has three major projects under way in Shanghai, with a total combined area of more than 600,000 square metres. Using a solid financial base, the company's flagship project combines the real estate and medical industries, Jianlange will officially begin operation after construction is completed in the second half of 2011. Hanshi has again set a new standard in fusing function and design. Our new hybrid development process, which combines preventative Chinese medicine in a resort style atmosphere, is a completely new concept in development. Jiangelan is China's first privately-operated health and relaxation resort. It has gained full recognition from the government, private sector and market alike. We have dedicated ourselves to becoming a leader in this completely new area. In the future, just as in the past, Hanshi will continue to innovate to develop a complete range of commercial residential buildings and health resort projects. We firmly believe the basic needs of the people are the foundation and direction of our development.